02 August 2012

The big move


Turista Libre originally began in 2007 as a personal blog project called "¿Donde est√° Derrik?" that documented the everyday experience of an expat journalist from Ohio living in Tijuana.

But it's since become more than that. We soon realized that it we could slather the web with the photos and text in an effort to prove that Tijuana had more going for itself than its obvious stereotypes -- donkey shows, narco warfare, etc. -- but it would never get the point across as efficiently as loading a city bus with open-minded day trippers for regularly scheduled romps around what is arguably the most misunderstood city in North America.

That said, it's high time that all our URLs involve the TL name. Turistalibre.com is still our official site. Turistalibreblog.blogspot.com is now our blog.

All 500+ posts have been imported to the new blog, including the very first, entitled "The other side of Dead End, USA."

¡Alli nos wachamos!

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