12 July 2012

Contemporary Mexican art summit at CECUT July 18-20


A three-day conference dedicated to contemporary Mexican art is happening at Centro Cultural Tijuana July 18-20. On the lineup are workshops, panels, an in-depth look at the museum's new collective exhibit "I Just Want the Universe," and Tijuana's second-ever pechakucha event. CECUT is literally a $3 cab ride from the border and in a perfect world a place everyone in San Diego would already know from top to bottom. Here's the press release in English. More info at cecut.gob.mx.

The exhibition “Sólo Quiero el Universo” (“I Just Want the Universe”) features the work of 24 emerging artists living in Mexico working with a wide variety of media and exploring diverse artistic expressions. The exhibition will open to the public on July 18th at the Centro Cultural Tijuana (Cecut). In parallel to the exhibition, a one-day Symposium —“Agentes del arte contemporáneo” (“Agents of Contemporary Art”) — will be also hosted by Cecut; alternate programs in other locations around the city will take place over the next two days.

“Sólo quiero el Universo” (“I Just Want the Universe”) brings together painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics, photography, video-art, video-dance, installation and robotics — a variety of works articulating a collective project that aims to show the latest artistic proposals from the emerging art scene in Mexico.

The selected artists explore the expressive qualities of multimedia art, digital sound art and robotics, among other platforms derived from the intensive use of technology that enhaces creativity on younger generations. The symposium “Agentes del arte contemporáneo” (“Agents of Contemporary Art”) will offer the opportunity to reflect upon current artistic production and discuss about its contents and forms of expression.

Close to 50 agents working in the Mexican contemporary art scene will meet from July 18th to the 20th to take part on the symposium and the extended program which will include workshops, art consulting, project reviewing, sound art presentations and an open invitation to all interested parties to be part of the event.

The exhibition — focused on exploring a variety of emerging proposals in Contemporary Art — will be hosted at the exhibition hall located at the lower level of CECUT. After opening night, on July 19th at 10:00 am the symposium will take place at the Lobby of “El Cubo” (The Cube). Entrance will be free of charge, though a previous electronic registration is required from all attendants.

The event is organized by the Centro Cultural Tijuana in conjunction with Centro Cultural Border — an independent art space located in Mexico City — with a generous grant destined by the Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (PAC). The exhibition “Sólo Quiero el Universo” (“I Just Want the Universe”) features the work of diverse artists coming from distant back-grounds exploring a variety of expressive media; artworks that will trigger the reflections that will nurture the Symposium “Agentes del arte contemporáneo” (“Agents of Contemporary Art”).

Regarding the artist call to take part on the workshops, the applications may derive from cultural enterprises, festivals, urban development, public interventions, ecological projects, exhibitions, pedagogical programs, individual artistic projects, and civil associations, among others cultural and artistic development areas. In order to participate it is required to consult the terms and registration guidelines. The selected artists will be part of the second edition of “Pechakucha Night in Tijuana” —event that will take place on Friday July 20th at Kafé Mua in the Pasaje Gómez, located in the downtown area. “Pechakucha Night” composes of a series of encounters guided by an innovative and efficient approach that instigates concise presentations of all kinds of art related projects. The homogeneous format of presentations in modular time frames, enhances their efficiency and specificity.

To round up the reflective experience of the Symposium agenda, a sound art event will be hosted at the Casa del Túnel - Art Center, located at the Colonia Federal, with presentations from Juan Pablo Villegas (Mexico City); R.R. (Guadalajara); and Tron (Mexicali).

The participating artists featuring in “Sólo quiero el Universo” (“I Just Want the Universe”) are: Alejandro Berea, Amor Muñoz, Dhear, Dulce Chacón, Fernando Pizarro, Gustavo Abascal, Javier Campuzano, José Luis Rojas, Juan Pablo Villegas, Marissa Viania, Neuzz, Santiago Izcoatl and Trash—all residing in Mexico City; as well as Andrea Sicsik (Guadalajara, MX); Antonio Domínguez (Tabasco, MX), Carlos Olvera (Monterrey, MX); and Patricio José (Estado de México).

The exhibition will also feature works of Ramiro Chaves y Tania Solomonoff (Argentina); Helena Fernández Cavada (Spain); and Rita Ponce de León (Peru). Alongside the local Baja Californian artists Karina L. Vega and “El Norteño” (Tijuana); and Enrique Minjares (Ensenada), enriching the list of emerging artists whose work will be featured in this contemporary art exhibit.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Symposium “Agentes del arte contemporáneo” (“Agents of Contemporary Art”) will frame its dialogues questioning current practices in contemporary art through four discussion panels whose main objective will be to generate debates and unchain reflection processes regarding production, management, diffusion and consumption of contemporary art.

The discussion panels have been organized to address three main thematic areas: the art establishment and its relations to independent artistic enterprises; the relationship between the artist and the art public; and the importance of marketing as part of the artists’ professional development.

Organized through a joint collaboration with Cecut and Centro Cultural Border, the symposium seeks to promote horizontal ways of communication among its participants, enabling an open dialogue between different points of view while attending some of the processes currently active in the contemporary art scene.

The organizers — IIlya Haro, Cecut Exhibitions Manager, and Eugenio Echeverría from Centro Cultural Border — envision this project with “the intention not to sentence or limit the art practice, but to explore and envision the possibilities it currently has to offer.”

Symposium participants comprise: Iván Abreu, Multidisciplinary Artist; Sergio de la Torre, Scholar and Visual Artist; Violeta Celis, Researcher and Art Curator; María Álvarez del Castillo, Cultural Manager; Bárbara Perea, Critic and Art Curator; Maribel Escobar Varillas, Researcher and Art Historian; Adriana Cadena Roa, Anthropologist specialized in Cultural Politics and Cultural Management; Iñaki Herranz, Curator and Art Researcher; as well as Visual Artists Hugo Lugo and Aldo Guerra; adding up to the artists participating in the exhibition.

Taking place in several locations throughout the day, on Friday July 20th the workshops, art consulting, and project presentations will lead to “Pechakucha Night Vol. 2”— closing event happening at 8:30 pm at Pasaje Gómez located at Avenida Revolución, between 3rd and 4th Street in downtown Tijuana. “Pechakucha Night Vol. 2” will include special performances by Los Lichis, from Mexico City; Letters From Readers, from Mexicali; La Organización Mendoza - Máquina Popular from Oaxaca; and a project by Dardin Coria, from Tijuana.

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