08 June 2012

From Ray with love


Last night brought what is without a doubt the most endearingly bad-ass piece of fan mail Turista Libre has received to date. It's from a college kid who's currently moonlighting as a concessions carnie at the Del Mar fair and reads like a high-school love letter that's being held at gunpoint by Monty Hall. How could we not share?


My name is Ray. I read about turista libre in some blog thing when I was googling up on ways to shimmy down to tj to lucha over the weekend. I'm a sophomore up in the bay area, at home for the summer in carmel valley and working at the fair. Anyway, I start working this next week so my schedule will be quite sticky. I didn't see anything on your .com about tours on fridays but the fights go on every friday if I'm not mistaken. If you don't have a tour planned I would't be able to like hire you just by myself for a private one. I just got back from Guatemala and I'm broke as balls and dont have a car... so what I'm suggesting is let's be friends. I saw your website and everything you do seems awesome. I wouldn't be able to pay you to go with you to a fight... I'd just be going with you... I mean, I could pay you in charisma or charm. I mean, if you like to do this shit for shits and gigs anyway... it could be kinda swell. I'd like to experience a lucha libre fight (I've been wanting to for a while and it hasn't been able to happen because of a lack of wheels and friends with similar interests) before most of my summer is spent serving nut-covered ice cream to obese tourists and del mar brats. I have a facebook if you want to check that out. It's just facebook slash my full name (Rachel Monk). I'm not a serial killer. I hope you're not a serial killer.

I hope this finds you in time, and that if it does that you aren't overly creeped out by my forwardness/strangeness.


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Unknown said...

Pretty funny and honest. She must be young. Because older carnies are wayyy less amusing and won't tell you if your retainer is still on the flying swings. But this kid gets it.