24 April 2012

My name's Derrik Cltinn; I'll be your tour guide today | In which I swear on TV

Toggle ahead to the 22:00 mark to hear me talking about Turista Libre on "Nuevas Amigas" ("New Girlfriends"), a new local cable talk show, during which I accidentally swear without even knowing it but get away with it anyway. In fact, I'll swear right now that I had no idea "desmadre," the word I used to describe the crazy mess that much of the world associates with Tijuana, was potty language. Figures; "mother" is the root. Oh well. Thanks to my nueva amigas for forgoing the bleep. And the creative spelling of my name. Heads up: it's all en espa├▒ol. Mrs. Kim Herring, wherever you are, this one's for you.

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