19 January 2012

3 meals and a bar in Tijuana

urbanist three meals turista libre

Each month Urbanist asks folks they consider their "favorite San Diegans" (and sometimes the occasional Tijuanense) the question: If you only had 24 hours to show a friend the best that urban San Diego (and sometimes urban Tijuana) has to offer, where would you take them? Taking the reigns for January is Turista Libre.

On the menu: huevos a la toña at El Yogurt Place, a huge cup of raw sealife swimming in Clamato at Mariscos El Cholo, mole pizza at El Taller and a Victoria caguama at Dragon Rojo.

Sadly, a cap on the word count led to having to edit out details on El Cholo's clandestine beer operation, no doubt an essential perk about the place, and the mom grinding in her Hanes Her Ways at Dragon Rojo, which was only mentioned to illustrate the circus of randomness happening anywhere and everywhere, always, that is Tijuana plus booze.

Read TL's three meals and a bar here.

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