27 November 2011

Saguarotown, San Felipe

san felipe saguaro 5
san felipe saguaro 2
san felipe saguaro 9
san felipe saguaro 4
san felipe saguaro 1
san felipe saguaro 3
san felipe saguaro 8san felipe saguaro 7
san felipe saguaro 10

A small fleet of what I'd guess to be 100 or so saguaro cacti reside out on an old cattle ranch that's now a national reserve about 15 minutes south of San Felipe. The larger ones are between 20 and 30 feet tall, a height that takes time for a plant that tops out at just six millimeters in its first year. Most of these are between 500 and 1,500 years old, according to the guard at the front gate. He then asked if I would be planning on taking my 2WD car up into the surrounding hills -- gringos love to do that, he said -- and looked confused when I said we'd come just to see the saguaros at sunset.

Hence the signs, which suggest off-road driving isn't the only thing my people enjoy out here: No killing animals, no firing weapons.

Info on the web just about as scarce as what's up for grabs at the tourism office in town. Follow the road to Puertocitos and keep an eye out on the right after passing kilometer marker 17 or so. It's $10 per car to stay as long as you like, usually until the looming vultures start to stare.


Anonymous said...

Sitting in awe with these pics; seems as though there is so much serenity I can actually hear God speaking. Look; He must be because Mother Earth is responding: her hands/fingers reaching up to Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Love Valle de los Gigantes