24 November 2011

Thanksgiving Drive

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The Ensenada-San Felipe freeway is the Mexican Autobahn. Two lanes with the occasional curve but for the most part a long, straight stretch that cuts across the Baja peninsula, connecting the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. At 90, I felt I should be watching for cops. At 100, I remembered there aren't any cops. At, 110 I realized I should probably worry more about spiked wildlife sleeping in the middle of the road. And finishing my beer before reaching the next military checkpoint. At 120, the wind started to undermine the car's aerodynamics. So back down to 110 it was. The dog and I pissed in the desert and collected discarded road reflectors to the sound of absolute silence. It was beautiful.

Later came welcome margaritas, a bacon-wrapped fish fillet, talk of renting ATVs and a karaoke duet with a handsome lesbian townie to Alaska y Dinarama's "Ni tu ni Nadie" in a pool hall named Fandango's.

Como se dice Happy Thanksgiving? Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias.

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