22 November 2011

Black Friday vs. Nortec's Bostich + Fussible vs. Adam Sandler in drag

nortec thanksgiving

You're too efficiently chromosomed to attempt any shopping this holiday weekend. But you're looking for something to do after you've had your fill of football with sweatpanted distant relatives. Well, here it is. Better yet, here's a reason to bring them to Tijuana. But not in sweatpants, please.

Nortec Collective's Bostich and Fussible play the Jai Alai aka El Foro, one of the oldest remaining structures in Tijuana, downtown on Revolucion between Seventh and Eighth streets Friday. Tickets.

(Side note: B+F are to be congratulated on "Tijuana Sound Machine" appearing in the new Adam Sandler film "Jack and Jill." Yep, Nortec has breached the sovereign garbage that is Adam Sandler movies. The song plays during a Mexican picnic scene. Jill, played by Sandler in drag, goes to a family gathering with the Mexican gardener who works for her twin brother, also played by Sandler. And then succumbs to "chimichanga bombs" after eating Mexican food for the first time, i.e. shits herself. Er, himself. Whatever. As if stereotypes that are too inoffensive to even be funny weren't enough, the film is laced with a lot of backhanded illegal immigration jokes that were almost unbearable to hear in a Tijuana cinema. Why was I even at an Adam Sandler movie to begin with? Oh, yeah. When nearly horizontal in a leather recliner at Cinepolis VIP, giant stein of Negra Modelo in hand, I guess it doesn't really matter what you're seeing. Before it turns out to be "Jack and Jill," that is.)


Turista Libre has decided to spend Black Friday 2011 recharging our tan lines on the vacant shores of the Sea of Cortez. Otherwise we'd be there. Photos from Turista Libre at Bostich + Fussible at Jai Alai, April 2010.

Here's video of Bostich and Fussible's show back in April at Black Box.

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