07 October 2011

Occupy Tijuana October 15

occupy tijuana

The ongoing civil unrest inspired by Occupy Wall Street is set to seep across the border. Occupy Tijuana happens on Paseo de los Heroes in between Plaza Rio Mall and Plaza Financiera, Tijuana's very own ode to Wall Street, near CECUT at noon Saturday, October 15.

That said, it's worth mentioning that Chapter 33 of the Mexican Constitution states the following:

"Los extranjeros no podrán de ninguna manera inmiscuirse en los asuntos políticos del país."

"Foreigners may not meddle in any manner in the political affairs of the country."

More on that here.

Via the group's Facebook page (keep scrolling for the English translation):


Nosotr@s somos ¡Democracia Real Ya! México Toma la Calle / Occupy Mexico ¡Ahora en Tijuana!

Este es un movimiento ciudadano apartidista que busca unir la indignación presente en la sociedad frente a los abusos del sistema político y económico que tiene secuestrada a nuestra sociedad para generar una transformación a través de mecanismos no-violentos.

Creemos que es tiempo de generar un movimiento ciudadano con la fuerza necesaria para transformar a fondo estas estructuras y así construir una nueva sociedad a la altura de la dignidad humana.

Nos rehusamos a aceptar que somos sólo un engranaje del sistema productivo consumista que se empeña en destruir nuestro entorno tanto natural como social.

Consideramos necesario ejercer nuestro derecho a participar en las decisiones que rigen nuestra vida fuera de las estructuras políticas existentes que no nos representan.

Para lograrlo estamos construyendo un pensamiento colectivo en donde nuestras diferencias en vez de dividirnos nos enriquezcan. El mecanismo de toma de decisiones se basa en asambleas que generan consensos partiendo del trabajo generado en distintas comisiones y mesas de reflexión. Somos ciudadanos comunes construyendo una organización horizontal, incluyente y alegre.

Ciudadanos de muchos otros países están realizando acciones para transformar sus realidades. Si crees que ya es tiempo de actuar en México y que está en nuestras manos, únete y participa!


We are Real Democracy Now! Mexico Takes the Street / Occupy Mexico Now in Tijuana!

This is a nonpartisan citizens' movement that seeks to unite the anger present in society against the abuse of the political and economic systems that have hijacked our society to generate a transformation through non-violent mechanisms.

We believe it is time to build a citizens' movement with the force necessary to turn back these structures and build a new society at the height of human dignity.

We refuse to accept that we are only a cog in the consumerist production system that insists on destroying our natural and social environment.

Consider it necessary to exercise our right to participate in decisions that govern our life outside of the existing political structures that do not represent us.

To achieve this we are building a collective thinking where our differences enrich us rather than divide us. The mechanism of decision making is rooted in the consensus generated assemblies, based on the work generated in various committees and panel discussions. We are building an organization of ordinary citizens that's horizontal, inclusive and joyful.

Citizens of many other countries are taking action to transform their realities. If you think it's time to act in Mexico and that it's now in our hands, join and participate!



Anonymous said...

Why are you copying the gringos, and not joining the MEXICAN protest groups, the Caravan of Hope, the Zapatistas, the PRD, the...???

Afrosky said...

@Anonymous: This is not about "copying the gringos and not joining the Mexican protest groups", it's about solidarizing with a anti-austerity socially conscious GLOBAL movement that has been spreading since earlier this year. Furthermore, this action, if you have not noticed, will be carried out by Mexican protest groups. In fact, I do not know of any non-Mexican group or organization that's endorsing this movement other than Occupy Together. We need to show solidarity and not sectarianism. This isn't just a Mexican issue, it's a global one. And, please, You call the PRD, a center-left mainstream political party that clearly works within the bureaucracy of a system that keeps Mexican people oppressed, a "protest group"?! We don't need to support that sort of "protest groups". We need an alternative democratic grassroots revolutionary people's movement that is conscious of our socioeconomic conditions and is willing to carry out actions of the most militant kind in order to make our demands be heard. We are protesting against a political and socioeconomic system that has proven to be more harmful than beneficial to the vast majority of us. ¡Somos la mayoría y estamos hartos de políticos incapaces de representarnos de una manera justa y efectiva! No necesitamos ese tipo de representación cuando odemos llevar a cabo nuestra propia democracia!