20 September 2011

Tijuana Imagen Latente

tijuana imagen latente

So Freelance, the gallery-media boutique upstairs at Pasaje Rodriguez, is planning on projecting a few of Turista Libre's photos, along with the work of seven other emerging local photographers, around Tijuana. No word yet on exactly when or where, but maybe that'll come tomorrow night at the show's opening, a more traditional tangible presentation of all 12 images. 8:30 pm Wednesday, downtown between Third and Fourth streets and Constitucion and Revolucion avenues. Complimentary peanuts, pistachios and TJ platica for all. ¡Viva Fotoseptiembre!

"La fotografía sobre Tijuana revela un escenario vibrante, diverso y contrastante. Aparte del registro iconográfico, esta galería de imágenes tiene una interpretación múltiple y estimulante de la ciudad. La idea asimismo es confrontar las visiones fotográficas en gran formato con la realidad urbana que las sirve de contexto. Las fotografías se ubicarán en diversos puntos de la geografía urbana de Tijuana.

"Tijuana-inspired photography reveals scenes that are vibrant, diverse and contrasting. Aside from their iconographic registry, this gallery of images carries a multifarious and stimulating interpretation of the city. The idea is to confront these photographic visions in large-scale format with the urban reality that gives them context. The photos will be located in various urban geographic points around Tijuana."

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