30 September 2010

Turista Libre on The Mixster

"So you’ve partied all night downtown on Friday. You drank enough water to suppress a hangover though. After you roll out of bed mid-morning, let’s take a short trip south. ¡Arriba! Then we’ll take a five minute, $5 cab ride from the pedestrian border crossing. This will lead us to Entijuanarte – the biggest art festival in northwestern Mexico 6 years and counting. Three days of visual, video, performance and theatre from over 250 artists from Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, France and the U.S.

"Are you scared of TJ? You don’t have to be. Turista Libre says so. You just have to know where to go and Turista Libre’s takes you there. The TL mission is to introduce Americans to the region, but away from Revolucion by organizing atypical day tours in Tijuana. To reinforce the mission, Turista Libre will present a 30ft coloring book mural of iconic Tijuana cityscapes that anyone present who loves the world’s most misunderstood city can fill with words and phrases inspired by the theme, 'Forget the stereotypes. Tell your Tijuana.'"

Read it here.

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