01 September 2010

Free youth summit for positive change in Tijuana

¿What is "Tijuana Somos Todos" / "We're All Tijuana"?: It's a youth summit with intentions to integrate this sector of society with organized social groups or platforms that strive for the collective well-being of the city. In order to promote this message this event will host conferences with key-note speakers, discussion panels, opinion platforms, cultural events and social events and live performances which are intended to activate Tijuana's youth. It's a summit that intends a REAL change in the city.


Date: September 24th and 25th, 2010

Venue: “El Trompo” Interactive Museum, Tijuana

Organizing Committee:
• Comisión Empresarios Jóvenes Coparmex
• Distrito-10
• Grupo Ecologista de Tijuana
• JCI (Cámara Junior Internacional)
• JUS (Jóvenes Unidos por la Sociedad)
• Reacciona Tijuana
• ROTARACT Tijuana Oeste
• Tijuana Trasciende

Objective of the event: To integrate Tijuana's youth sector of society with organized social groups or platforms that strive for the collective well-being of the city.

Target: Youth of Tijuana ages 16 and older. There's no age limit because we believe that a person is as young as he/she feels.


• José Galicot (The real cartel of Tijuana)
• Ariosto Manrique (The urgency of being an entrepreneur)
• Tony Torres (100% Attitude: The Key to Life)
• Alejandro Bustamante (Long-Term Vision of Tijuana's Youth)
• Rusell Rilley (Social Action in Today's Youth)
• Cuauhtémoc Contreras (Perseverance: Licensed Deaf Doctor)
• Nora Vargas (Challenges and Opportunities for Tijuana's Youth)
• Gerardo Espericueta (The Importance of Decision Making)

Workshops and Panels:
• Compost (Ecologist Group)
• Sexual education (AFABI)
• Anti-vandalism (Víctor González Gil)
• Health (PRO SALUD)
• Panel of Personal Finances (Ana González)
• Panel of Environmental Impact (Vía Corporativo)

Cultural Events:
• Live Mural (Vertical Collective)
• TRAShed (Global Inheritance): border art on trash bins
• Play “Teoría y práctica de la muerte de una cucaracha”
• Play: “Cruce de Vías”
• Silent Art Auction (Pasaje Rodriguez, 10 septiembre 7:00pm)
• Exhibition of art from up-and-coming artists

Social Events:
• Final Event (MultiKulti, zona centro, 24 de septiembre
• Fundraiser (Friday, September 3rd, 8:00pm)

“SAVE THE BEACH” (Saturday, September 25th, 8:00am) – We are joining forces with “Salvemos la Playa” and calling on all the attendees to support the cleaning of our beaches. We will have our exclusive site called “Cañón El Matadero”. Detailed info at our event.

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