05 July 2010

One Tijuana band you really, really need to know plays San Diego tonight

These days, the border and its tag-along cultural barrier keep a pretty tight lid on the flow of Tijuana bands playing shows in San Diego and vice versa. Which is sad, really, because a lot is going on in both towns that the other would no doubt appreciate. So when acts like TJ indie jazz-fusion band Madame Ur y Sus Hombres land a gig in the Gaslamp, you, dear San Diegan, should really go. Cafe Sevilla, 9 p.m. tonight.


John said...

This happens quite often and it's frustrating. Discovering a band to only find out they played in your town very recently.
I was speaking with someone yesterday who mentioned the trips you make into Tijuana. I'm very interested in going on one of those trips. How do I find out more info?


derrik said...

Hey John. The best way is to add Turista Libre at facebook.com/turistalibre for more info about upcoming trips. In the works are a Xoloitzcuintles soccer game, a run around downtown's many clothing boutiques and record stores, a trek to the massive Francisco Villa swap meet, a day at the annual Tijuana fair in September, a train ride to Tecate, and Mexican Independence Day.

Any questions, email turistalibre @ gmail.com.