16 July 2010

Let's Be Amiguiis: 'Enough shitty music!'

Unofficial winners of most wonderfully regional flier the town's seen in a while are Chicacometa and Presh of the monthly Let's Be Amiguiis party. Here's how they pitch their upcoming Saturday night gig at Tinieblo Bar at Calle Sexta and Madero.

"Ya basta con la musica de mierda! Vamos a tocar summer jamz. baltimore club. 90s. vintage pop. italo disco. tropical. top 40. chill wave. Hurache gaze. miami bass. southern booty. Mariachi wave. ghetto tech. 80s synth. New Orleans bounce. west coast gansta. Mexipop. San Francisco disco. G funk. Dance punk. Nu wave. No wave. post punk. Hotlanta bangers. Crunk. Hyphy. Ruidoson. Brit Pop. jamz. anthems. club bangers."

More info.

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