30 July 2010

'Gringos living in Tijuana'

Ever wonder why an American would willingly move mere miles over the Mexico border into a land that's supposedly awash in corruption, filth, crime and a never-ending drug war? Katherine Sweetman's microdoc about the some 45,000 gringos living in Tijuana is not to be missed.

"'GRINGOS LIVING IN TIJUANA' provides a glimpse into the lives of seven, very unusual inhabitants of the city of Tijuana, Mexico. Derrik, Gerda, Jodi, Jason, Michael, Iana, and Jenny are not Hispanic, and they don't exactly appear as though they would 'blend in' in the Mexican border town that has been called one the most dirty and dangerous cities of North America. Yet this film follows these gringos, in their daily activities, while they show and explain why they chose to live in the city they love -- Tijuana."


The Real Tijuana said...

Katherine Sweetman has given an excellent rendition of gringo life just south of the border.

And Derrik has sounded the keynote when he said that Tijuana is not for everyone. Do not come here because you want to pay $250 in rent. But do come here to respect culture in general and to enjoy the local culture in particular. Only then will your dollars go farther.

Anonymous said...

But the big question still is: Tijuana is just that area around downtown?

80% of the people that live in Tijuana never been into a Tj downtown bar or to the calculated trendy and sexta avenue, I mean look at Ca├▒ada Verde or Sanchez Taboada sectors, there is more then 100,000 families living there, poor people that could not afford pubic transportation and they are victims of police abuse and horrible violence. Those sectors existed for more then 30 years. People get killed every day in those sectors, every day.

That documentary shows that this gringos do not live in Tijuana, they live on the sector that is considered a tourist area, 3 minutes from California, many of them still work in the US side, they earn dollars not pesos and they still have their american benefits, like family, medic care, insurance, credit cards etc.

In the trailer It's really interesting to see how one talks about shipper rent and the other one about those horrible streets riots that are far from innocent and far from patriotism, I mean are you willing to live in a place where people goes out and destroy the streets every single sunday game? they say: "If you don't let us put graffiti in your car that mean your against Mexico" Obviously this gringos do not live in the real Tijuana.

This doc has to be the work of an ignorant or a trendy cool kid from the middle class cultural sector.