08 June 2010

1er. festival GLBT de Tijuana | Tijuana's first gay pride fest

Small, awkward gay pride parades have confused, offended and angered Tijuana's conservative general public for years. Now, for the first time ever, a full-blown festival is happening under the Clock Monument in Plaza Santa Cecilia, home to some of the city's best drag bars, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. June 19-20.

In light of the few "get out of the city" remarks that have turned up on the event's Facebook page, two things are to be said: Exposure is an essential step to acceptance in even a less-than-perfect world. And Tijuana drag queens are queens of all drag queens. Even the ugly ones. Especially the ugly ones.

More info here.

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The Real Tijuana said...

Thank you for announcing the festival in English. This will give folks north of the border an opportunity to experience a "gay scene" different from what they have in Hillcrest and West Hollywood -- looser, more embracing, and less chip-on-the-shoulder. More like Castro Street but smaller and with real tacos.

The sociological aspects of being gay in TJ have developed over the last thirty years in a very interesting way particularly because of our predominantly conservative society. Very much like the cachanilla plant flourishes in the desert ... or Austin in the middle of Texas.

Seriously, people who are used to Hillcrest and West Hollywood will encounter an invigorating attitude here.

And, somewhat more tongue-in-cheek, don't expect the language barrier to be a problem -- just look for t-shirts with the slogan "I'm ambisexual and bilingual."