14 May 2010

Mas de Tijuana en la tele | More Tijuana on TV

Nortec music videos rarely fail to cinematically capture Tijuana in a light that most of the city's romantics tend to see with their own eyes anyway. To me, that significantly ups their value because it's something most of the world is unable to do.

The newest edition to that collection is by collective member Clorofila, aka Jorge Verdin. It's off his first solo effort, "Corridos Urbanos (Urban Songs)," which came out last month. The song is an ode to Baby Rock, a monster discoteca in Zona Rio that was all the rage in the '90s. Now it's a corral of bad taste known as the Rock. It's basically a pile of boulders that looks like the Flintstones' dream mansion.

Star T.J. moments:

0:30: The kelly-green bleakness that is a Pemex gas station at 3 a.m.

0:53: The copper skyline dimming at dawn.

1:03: The "conserve water" mural.

1:20: The color bomb that is the produce aisle on a good day in a Mexican grocery store. Chiles rojos! Chiles verdes!

1:28: The color bomb that is the detergent aisle on any day in a Mexican grocery store. Ace! Fabuloso!

Looking fine while brushing her teeth and eating cereal on the side of the road is Tijuana artist Vero Glezqui, who sketches things like astronauts and nonsensical contraptions. Then she runs them under the sewing machine to bury them under knots of colored thread. The woman makes a rad handbag, too.

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