10 May 2010

Guacamole Music Fest

Happening in Tijuana this weekend is the first Guacamole Music Fest. Lame name, rad idea.

Nine bands hailing from Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Aguascaliente, San Luis Potosi and Colombia will be playing over two days: Lido Pimienta, Los Macuanos, Acorde On, Santos, Disque DJ, Waya Waya, Maria y Jose, Pepepe and Capullo.

Hosting the fest is Bodega Aragon on Calle Negrete. Here's a map.

From what I've heard, contemporary independent music in Latin America tends to be more experimental and playful than its English-speaking counterpart. And unlike its English-speaking counterpart, it usually doesn't give two shits whether you think it's gay for dabbling in electronica (which it often does). That, or it's just unaware that anyone anywhere would consider it gay for dabbling in electronica because in Latin America, that's just what you do.

When it comes to Tijuana, new ideas like this usually either soar high or bomb hard. Lately, new ideas seem to be going pretty well, and I feel like a pause from night after night of punchis-punchis is long overdue. But you never know.

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Adrian said...

horrible flyer.