03 February 2010

Tijuanear | To Tijuana

Found this on Wikipedia, thought it was cool:

"Due to a recent increase in violence in the city, a new term is developing. The term 'Yo Tijuaneo, ¿y t├║?' translates to 'I Tijuana, and you?' This term comes from a new popular local verb 'Tijuanear' meaning 'to Tijuana' describing the cosmopolitan aspects of living in the city and frequently crossing the border. The term is becoming much more popular to help stop unfair and false criticisms of the city."

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The Real Tijuana said...

Jeez, Derrik, that same article tells people to give four syllables to the name of our fair city. "Tee-ah-wah-nah"! Who the hell do they think they are?

Their discovery of the verb "tijuanear" gives no attribution. That would be useful inasmuch as they're citing a usage we haven't encountered yet.

We know it to be a transitive verb meaning roughly "to subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune". A car banged up by potholes and no-fault collisions is described as "un carro bien tijuaneado".

Now it's supposed to be intransitive as well? That looks pretty fishy. En verdad, no tenemos que tijuanear porque *somos* Tijuana.

Next thing you know, Wikipedia will be saying that we're overrun by narco-terrorists or something.